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Brought you by Perth Stem, Electrochemisty will include demonstrations designed for younger children to become more attuned with science and technology. With engaging robots, explosive balloons and exciting elephant's toothpaste, the demonstrations are sure to educate and entertain young children.

Throughout the event food will also be avaliable for a small donation.

Perth Stem will also be hosting multiple raffles during the event with lots of amazing prices to be won. All proceeds during the event will go to running more sessions.

The City is a proud sponsor of these events!

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With fantastic, amazing and innovative DIY projects your children will be introduced to the world of chemistry and electronics. Perth STEM will be hosting group projects to explode apples, make slime, create lemon batteries and watch things erupt and much, much more!

20 June 10am - 12pm North Perth Lesser Hall 
Intro to Code An introduction for young minds into the world of computer-enriched coding. Here kids will learn the fundamentals of how computers work and step-based programming techniques, teaching the problem-solving abilities necessary to apply computer knowledge in real life. 27 June 10am - 12pm North Perth Lesser Hall
Funny Robots Be in awe with your very own hand crafted robots! Using common materials and components you can create the world! Make wiggle robots, catapults, paper plane launches and so much more. This event will introduce you to the world of engineering and electronics! 11 July 10am - 12pm North Perth Town Hall
Scratch Jam Compete with your peers using the knowledge you learnt in our Intro to Code event! Participates will be given an amount of time to create a game in Scratch that will be shared on our website and played by their friends. The author of the best game will get an incredible award! 25 July 10am - 12pm North Perth Lesser Hall 

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Event Details

Time: 10am to 12pm

Venue: North Perth Lesser Hall, 24 View Street, North Perth


Organisation: Perth STEM


Event Date(s)

  • Sunday 20th June 2021
  • Sunday 27th June 2021
  • Sunday 11th July 2021
  • Sunday 25th July 2021

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