Staking: The New Brain Hack that gets your Started with Bret Treasure

Thursday 5th January 2023

Join author Bret Treasure to discuss his new book Staking: The New Brain Hack that gets your Started, which unveils the scientific secrets to losing weight, studying, cutting down and exercising.

About Staking

There's a new way to get into action on things that matter to you. Risking money (staking) activates the survival circuitry in your brain that produces action. If you just flinched, that's a sign this'll work for you.

If you want to self-motivate, get started or get reliable at something, know this: people who risk more than $50 do what they promise 96% of the time. (If you keep your word it costs you nothing).

What do they promise? Regular exercise, food portion control, study, me-time, alcohol or social media reduction...

Behavioural science says we're naturally loss averse - something we can leverage for our own good.

Funny, provocative, and guaranteed to influence at least one aspect of your life.

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Venue: Vincent Library - Lounge

Cost: Free

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Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Venue: Vincent Library - The Lounge

Cost: Free

Event Date(s)

  • Thursday 5th January 2023

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