Garden Competition judge is a winner

Published: Tuesday, 12 September 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Mary Boyce will be a special guest judge in the 2017 Greening Vincent Garden Competition this October. Mary and her husband Matt Molloy, won two out of the seven categories in last year’s competition, Best Food Garden and Best Front Garden.

Matt and Mary who are long time Vincent residents, started creating their garden seven years ago when they moved into their current house in North Perth.

“When we moved in our back yard had three different types of lawn and that’s about it. I never thought of myself as a good gardener but we put in a few dwarf fruit trees and kept going from there. We now have around 24 trees in our backyard,” said Matt.

 “All the food in our garden is organic and nutrient dense and we love that we know what has gone into the fruit that we eat.”

“Our front garden is more traditional, with lavender and roses. We salvaged some 40 year old roses from a building site which were going to be torn up and managed to successfully transplant them,” he said.

Matt and Mary are happy to share gardening tips with friends and family and think more people should enter the Greening Vincent Garden Competition.

“The annual Greening Vincent Garden Competition is a positive and fun annual event which really demonstrates our community‘s great passion for gardening. It is a great way for our gardening community to come together and show what they can do, and to learn from one another,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“You don’t need a big traditional garden to win a prize. We have prizes for a great diversity of gardens from small balcony gardens, the popular verge garden and even business gardens. There really is a category to suit all gardens and all gardeners,” she said.

If you have a garden that you are proud of, please fill in an entry form and return it to the City of Vincent by Friday 29 September.

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