Local History Award Winners

Published: Tuesday, 28 August 2018 at 4:40:59 PM

Today we announced the winners of our annual Local History Awards.

Each year we celebrate our rich and diverse history through our Local History Awards, which plays an all-important role in recording and sharing Vincent life through the ages.

The Awards are open to everyone including non-residents, who wish to enter and share their history of life in Vincent. All entries become part of the Local History Collection and photos form part of our online Image Library.

This Year's First Prize Winners

Geoffrey Bolton Award for Life in Vincent

Con Christ, Living in Lake Street 1941 - 1967

Congratulations to Con Christ who won the Geoffrey Bolton: Life in Vincent award at our Local History Awards. His account of growing up in Lake Street in the 1940s-1960s provides a fascinating glimpse into life of a working class migrant family in post-war Perth. 

Con wrote Living in Lake Street 1941-1967 and the judges found it to be comprehensive and detailed. It covered individual streets and the people who lived there, providing a good sense of place and a strong sense of family.

Our house was the centre of the Universe as far as we three boys were concerned. We had everything: loving family, great neighbours, a football, a cricket bat, marbles, a few toys, great weather most of the time, lots of room to play football and cricket and access to all sorts of wonderful places and things…

Living in Lake Street 1941 - 1964

Open Award

Anne Chapple for The Life (and Legacy) of Riley 

Congratulations to Anne Chapple who won the Open award at our Local History Awards for The Life (and Legacy) of Riley that tells the fascinating story behind a weatherboard and tin house on Vine Street, North Perth that was built in one day in 1915.

The house was built following an appeal for assistance for a young widow, Jenenia Wynne and her family of five children (all under the age of 8), after her husband Arthur died. Arthur was a popular local performer known by his stage name of ‘Jimmy Riley’.

“At the end of the day, there were still some bits and pieces to be completed, but the home was habitable with Jenenia and her five children able move in to their brand-new house. A jarrah villa with four rooms, two verandahs and the necessary conveniences as well as the land upon which it stood was now home to the Wynne family.

"It was also furnished, a fire lighted, and the tea prepared and laid on the table at the usual hour, Mrs. Wynn[sic] and her small family walking in and settling down just as if the home had been finished long before. It was a wonderful day and reflected glory upon the hundred odd carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, painters, slaters, furniture men and gardeners, and also the carters who brought the material on to the ground and were there to help in the cheering when the family moved in to sit down to the first special meal.”

The Life (and Legacy) of Riley

This Year’s Award Winners

Geoffrey Bolton Award for Life in Vincent

  • First prize Con Christ, Living in Lake Street 1941-1967
  • Second prize Frederick Atwood, Reminiscences of a Mountie boy; the personal diary of a boy growing up in Mount Hawthorn 1932-1950

Open Award

  • First prize  Anne Chapple for The Life (and Legacy) of Riley 
  • Second Prize  Marie Slyth,  A Heritage Walk: Cleaver Precinct West Perth

Photographic Gems: Pre-1960

  • Winner  Janet McCallum
  • Winner Judith Zappavigna
  • Special mention  Marie Slyth
  • Special mention  Brian Murphy

Photographic Gems: 1960-1999

  • Winner Helen Cozens
  • Winner David White
  • Special mention  Christopher Murray
  • Special mention  Sonja Christensen

Photographic Gems: Photo Study

  • Winner Claude Iaconi
  • Winner John Pooley
  • Special mention Helen Cozens
  • Special mention Terence Mathews

Packing Room Prize

  • Terence Mathews

Thank you to all of the entrants and congratulations to the winners! Click here to view all entries.

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