If you have any library charges or bills that need to be paid, they will need to be paid prior to you checking out any further items. Your membership account will be locked until the charges have been cleared. To make payments, visit the City of Vincent Library.  

Overdue Fines 

Vincent Library does not charge library users for overdue books. However, other patrons may be waiting so out of courtesy please return the items by their due date or renew them if you are able to do so prior to the due date.

Library users are only charged for lost or damaged items at the full cost for the item.

If the item is located after the bill has been charged, the library can organise a refund. Please note, a $5 administration fee is charged for processing refunds.

Lost Items 

Borrowers with items that have not been returned 6 weeks after their due date will receive an overdue notice from the Vincent Library team.  

If the item is not returned or cannot be found the borrower will be charged for the full cost of replacement.    

Please Note: If items are returned after receiving the overdue notice you will not be charged for the replacement cost of the item. Please notify the team if you have returned an item but still have a bill attached to your account.

Damaged Items 

Borrowed items that have been damaged and cannot be repaired will be charged at full replacement cost.

Printing and Photocopying 

You can print, photocopy, and scan documents to your USB stick at City of Vincent Library. You can use your own laptop, mobile, or use our public computers. The costs for printing are as follow:

A4 Black and White 

30c per page 

A3 Black and White 

30c per page 

A4 Colour 

$2.50 per page 

A3 Colour 

$3.00 per page