Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Use

  1. The Vincent Library and Local History Centre team are committed to making the library a safe, respectful, and inclusive space.  
  2. To help us make it a safe, respectful, and inclusive space please assist us by: 
  3. Being considerate of other library visitors and respectful of their rights to enjoy and use the space.
  4. Take care of library furniture, equipment, technology, property, and loaned items.
  5. Parents, caregivers, and guardians remain responsible for those in their care including their actions and behaviour.
  6. Case and support workers supervise and take responsibility for those in your care.
  7. Treat library staff with respect and courtesy. Follow any reasonable instruction provided by a library team member.
  8. Be respectful of noise levels in the library especially when using smart devices and computers.
  9. View appropriate ‘G’ rated material on computers or personal devices.
  10. Maintain responsibility of your belongings, lockers are available for public use. Any items left in lockers overnight will be placed in the lost property box for a reasonable timeframe before being disposed of.
  11. Leave the library when requested at closing time or during an emergency.
  12. Cold food and covered or bottled drinks are permitted in the library (no strong hot smelling food).
  13. Present library membership card to borrow items, if not available, proof of identification can be used.
  14. Accept responsibility for all items borrowed on my card and cards issued to junior borrowers.
  15. Return items on or before the due date, arrange a renewal if need be.
  16. Agree to pay all charges for lost or damaged items. Refunds can be made for lost items that have been billed. A $5 administration fee will be charged for lost and damaged items.
  17. Inform the library team if you have any concerns. 

Please Note: 

  1. No animals are permitted in the library except for assistance and therapy animals who are welcome in the library.
  2. For your safety, surveillance cameras are fitted throughout the public library. 
  3. Patrons acting in an anti-social manner will be asked to leave the library premises. 
  4. Repeated anti-social behaviour or conduct will result in a library exclusion period whereby the excluded person will not be able to access the library during a given timeframe. Illegal behaviour will be referred to the WA Police.  
  5. Children under 12 are not to be left unaccompanied in the library even during junior events. 
  6. ‘G’ rated content is considered any material that would not be considered inoffensive or harmful to others who may inadvertently view it. 
  7. These conditions are in accordance with the Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951 and Library Board (Registered Public Libraries) Regulations 1985. 


Public PC’s and Online Services Terms and Conditions 

  1. It is free to use all Vincent Library and Local History Centre Public Access PCs and public WiFi. All users will be asked to agree to the City of Vincent’s Computer User Agreement each time they logon to the public access PCs and public WiFi.
  2. Library users can access Public Access PC’s and public WiFi network up until 15 minutes before closing. Whereby the services disconnect.
  3. To ensure all library users are maintaining a safe and respectful environment, please assist us by:
  4. View ‘G’ rated content whilst in the library.
  5. Observing all copyright laws and licencing agreements.
  6. Parents, caregivers, and legal guardians are to monitor minor’s internet activities whilst using library Public Access PCs and other devices.
  7. Session limits apply as these are a popular service with the community. If there are no other patrons waiting to use the computers, the library staff may extend your session time.
  8. Computer users will not download inappropriate material or install applications and programs onto the computer’s hard drive.
  9. Computer users will not transmit, view, obtain possession, advertise, or request the transmission of inappropriate material.
  10. Computer users will not transmit, display, or make restricted material available for minors.

Please Note:

  1. The City of Vincent reserves the right to terminate any person’s internet session at any time for unreasonable use of library public PCs, WiFi or any online service. The City of Vincent retains the right to maintain that restriction for as long as the Vincent Library and Local History Centre chooses.
  2. Domain logs are kept on all Public Access PCs and evidence of access to illegal material, sharing of illegal or restricted content or other illegal activities will be shared with the WA Police.
  3. WiFi users are urged to take precautions to reduce any security risks associated with public WiFi hotspots. Users should take caution with transmitting or accessing sensitive personal information over the WiFi network.
  4. ‘G’ rated content is considered any material that would not be considered inoffensive or harmful to others who may inadvertently view it.
  5. Information access from our internet services is not controlled or endorsed by the City of Vincent. The City is not responsible for any loss of data, funds or personal information that may result from use of internet and available online services.
  6. Internet users are encouraged to determine the credibility of a website, information and content provided. As not all information provided is accurate, complete, or current.
  7. It is recommended that users don’t save data or passwords to the computers whilst using Public Access PCs.At the end of each session all, Public Access PCs, restart to remove data from previous user.