Local History Centre

For all you history buffs who yearn to be transported to yesteryear, come in and explore our community’s rich past at the Local History Centre within the Vincent Library. You can also look up your family’s ancestry and research the history of your house, right back to past owners.

Dedicated to preserving, documenting and celebrating the history of the suburbs and characters of Vincent, the Centre is a treasure trove filled with nostalgic finds.

Opening Hours

9am-1pm, Mon-Fri
By appointment: 2pm-5pm

Contact the Local History Centre on 9273 6534 or email local.history@vincent.wa.gov.au

Local History Image Library (online)

Check out Vincent’s local history image collection at our popular image library

You’re sure to be thrilled by this fascinating collection of photos that can be browsed by topic, decade, suburb or keyword – why not search your address?

If you have any images of your own, we would love to see them and use them for the library with your permission. You can also see the photos on the National Library of Australia's website TROVE

SOS! (Save Our Stories)

We need your help to keep the history of Vincent alive and running by sharing you stories. By donating photos, yearbooks, programmes, diaries, letters or memorabilia, you can help to shape Vincent’s diverse past and share the history love with your fellow Vincent residents.

We depend on contributions from residents, businesses, groups and organisations and any donation such as newsletters, records, scrapbooks etc. is greatly appreciated.

Of course, we don’t expect you to part with any items, but we’d be happy to copy them and return your originals.

Check out these useful links for more nostalgic tid-bits:

More Information

Give our friendly and passionate team a call on 9273 6534 or email local.history@vincent.wa.gov.au