Local History Awards

What are the awards?

First of all, allow us to explain ourselves and a bit about what these awards represent. We are unbelievably passionate about preserving Vincent’s rich history. So, we celebrate this with our annual Local History Awards, which plays an all-important role in recording and sharing Vincent life through the ages.

The Awards are open to everyone including non-residents, who wish to enter and share their history of life in Vincent.

Unsure what to enter?

We are interested in photos only this year (2017), which can come in the form of prints or slides and need to have been taken in Vincent pre-1990.

If you can’t decide, bring your slides and pics in and we’d love to help. Oh, and in case you are wondering, there will be prizes!


Includes: landscapes, streetscapes, houses, buildings interiors, people at home, work, groups, sport and recreation, events.

There are three sections for individual photos/slides

  • Pre-1930
  • 1930 to 1959 
  • 1960 to 1999

The winner of each era section will pocket $100.


A photo study of two to six photographs.

Think along the lines of a building interior and exterior in the same period, a house history including occupants, then and now, or a series relating to an event.

This category will have an impressive three prizes of $100, and is sponsored by Woodville Property.


If you have any photos in Vincent between 1960-1999, this year’s new category could win you $100.

It’s sponsored by the wonderful team of the Mount Hawthorn Primary School P&C. (Also good to know - the school archives are now in the Local History Centre.)

Photos become part of the City’s Local History Collection, including the fantastic online Image Library.

Want a little photo inspiration? Check out previous Local History Award winners here

Ready to go? Download your entry form here. Good luck!

More info right here:

9273 6534 or local.history@vincent.wa.gov.au