Moorditj Footprints is a community led project to collect and share the memories of Noongar people who lived in East Perth in the 1950s -1970s.

East Perth was once a much-loved home for many Noongar people who lived alongside other working-class residents in a community of battlers and survivors. Today, little remains of the old houses, shops, factories and camping places where Noongar and other Aboriginal people from around the state lived, worked and played. While most Noongar people have moved out of East Perth, many former residents still carry in their hearts and minds a strong sense of connection to the area and to each other.  The Moorditj Footprints project recognises these connections and honours the stories.

The project was started by Noongar Elder Lindsay Calyun, who grew up in East Perth in the 1960s. Supported by friends and family, Lindsay’s dream was to record the yarns and memories of the many Aboriginal families who once called East Perth home.

The group reached out to the City of Vincent Local History Centre, and to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries who provided funding support and practical help to record and share the stories.

Kaya Wanjoo - Welcome

"Kaya wandju nidja Noongar boodjar. Welcome.  I'd like to give my respect to past, present and future Elders of the East Perth community.   We're all standing upon Noongar boojda, Noongar country. We're sitting on Whadjuk land, Whadjuk Noongar country.  Love and respect to all the Noongar mob who lived in East Perth - my cousins, family, friends and mates.Thank you to my Noongar brothers and sisters for sharing your yarns.  We still carry our community in our hearts. We hope these stories show how East Perth is special to our mob - always was, always will be."  Lindsay Calyun


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