Migrant Stories

Here in Vincent, we are proudly multicultural, and are passionate about the history of our many migrants settling in the area. Our high migrant settlement was mainly due to the tumultuous times and changes occurring in other parts of the world, especially WWII. Between 1948 and 1954 in WA there was a spike with more than 75,000 migrants arriving. Over half of these migrants settled in the Metropolitan area.

The 2011 Census data revealed that about 44 per cent of our Vincent residents were born overseas, originating from 37 countries with the highest populations being from the UK, Italy and across from NZ.

We are constantly searching for migrant stories to add to our Local History collection as “Oral Histories”. We’ve been doing this for the past 11 years by way of recorded interviews, which we then transcribe, and have hundreds so far.

If you or your folks were born overseas and have lived or worked in Vincent for 20 years or more, we would love to hear your story!

The interview takes about two hours and covers things like your voyage here, the difficulties you faced, schooling and growing up in the Vincent area (if applicable), getting a job and more. We want to know what life was like in the Vincent area and if you and your family encountered any problems.

A printed copy of the Oral History is lodged in the Local History Collection and one will be given to you to cherish. In addition to contributing a wonderful piece of history to the community, it’s also a great way of leaving your own personal history to your family members for future generations.

Interested in sharing your story?

Call Catherine Lang on 9273 6550 or Susanna Iuliano on 9273 6534.

Or, drop us line: local.history@vincent.wa.gov.au

Want to read some of the current Oral Histories? Just pop in to the Local History Centre!