Go Digi

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You may be clicking around our site with ease; surfing, scrolling and sharing. But what you may not realise is that there are many adult Australians – almost four million of them – who aren’t up-to-date with the digital age. Most wouldn’t have a clue what surfing, scrolling or sharing of the digital kind even is. So that’s one in five Aussies – just look around you on the train, or at the coffee shop - the fifth person away from you could have no idea what a Facebook or the YouTube is. Crazy huh?

So, let’s break down those barriers into the tech world. Enter Go Digi. A four-year initiative, Go Digi is a national literacy program aimed at supporting over 300,000 Aussies in improving their tech skills.

Here at the City of Vincent Library and Local History Centre, we’re partners of the Go Digi movement. We promote and encourage the smart, safe and responsible use of technology in addition to providing free WiFi and internet. We never judge, are always welcoming and love to help spread those good vibes that come from free access to information, knowledge and ideas. This means the various cultural and recreational needs of our community can be met through digitally accessible information and services, recreational material and community engagement and participation, in a totally supportive environment.

With numerous learning guides available online, Go Digi provides a facility to find local face-to-face training. These training guides are super-simple and aimed at those who are still finding their feet online. Written in Layman’s terms, there is even a handy glossary that explains some of that super-confusing tech jargon. (Like giga-who’s and what-the-bytes. And what about cookies? Why are there cookies in a computer?)

Here are some of the fabulous learning guides available:

That’s not all, folks. Plenty more guides available, and find some more interesting reads below: