Books On Wheels

Our Books on Wheels service is a home-delivery of hand selected books for residents of the City of Vincent who are unable to physically access the library.  


When applying, our friendly library staff will discuss your favourite genres, authors and subjects to help us select items for you. They can access up to 12 items, including: 

  • books 
  • large print books 
  • community language books 
  • audiobook CDs 
  • music CDs 
  • DVDS 
  • puzzles 
  • board games 
  • graphic novels 
  • memory care kits

Delivery and collection day is every three weeks, on a Tuesday between 9am and 11am. 


Residents of the City of Vincent council who are affected by illness, injury or a disability who are unable to physically visit the library are eligible for this service. You don’t need to already have a library membership; we can register you with your Books on Wheels application.


To apply for Books on Wheels, apply below, contact us or fill out the application form below and submit it via email or post. We can provide the application form alternative formats including braille and audio. 

Books On Wheels Membership Application

Are you physically unable to visit the City of Vincent Library and Local History Centre?*