Young Adult Services

You young whippersnappers may think us Library-folk aren’t down with everything that’s hip and happening in the 21st century. Allow us to prove you wrong.

Pop in to the Library - we promise you won’t be disappointed. Need more convincing? We’ve got one word to say to you: Free WiFi and Xbox Kinect. Well technically that’s five words but you’re interested now aren’t you?

Oh and beanbags, we’ve got plenty of those. They’re still cool, right?

Specialised Young Adult Area

The YA area is your go-to place in the Library, especially reserved just for you. With the beanbags we mentioned above, plus tables and chairs, you can chill out in study or relaxation heaven. 

No password is needed for our Free WiFi Hotzone and don’t forget our Xbox Kinect (we know you were still thinking about it, or perhaps you’re already halfway to the library on your penny-farthing.) Remember to use your best pleases and thankyous when asking our friendly staff for our selection of games, along with headsets to keep things quiet and peaceful. Be sure to bring ya’ besties or of course fly solo for some down time.

Young Adult Library Materials

Sink those teen teeth into a number of awesome library resources, including:

  • Fiction and non-fiction books
  • Magazines
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • DVDs
  • Dedicated graphic novel section with the latest comics and manga

eLibrary Digital Resources

This needs no explanation. eLibrary Digital Resources – says it all really!

Books and Audiobooks:


Instructions for these pages are right over here.

Online Study Resources

You teens have really got it good with all these online resources available to you. Why, back in our day…


Need to ace your driving exam? is for learners like you who want to practice their skills before taking that dreaded Driver Knowledge Test. It’s Australia-wide, too.

Britannica Library

Britannica Library

Britannica may just become the name of your new mate this study season. Simply search according to your age group and BOOM – instant, relevant results.



Although a website based in the US of A, CliffsNotes has a popular international following. Featuring study guides written by real teachers and professors, CliffsNotes can help you sail through your exams no matter the subject.



The world’s favourite way to learn a language, Duolingo is totally free, fun and scientifically proven to work. Available online or via the app. Get on it!


Didn’t completely finish To Kill a Mocking Bird? We won’t tell, and these study guides are here to help you. They’re summaries written by experienced teachers, professors and literary scholars for a huge range of fiction and non-fiction books to help you along.  Winning!