You can purchase the below items from the Vincent Library:

Book Bags

Navy blue rectangle tile with a teal border, four canvas book bags with 4 different images

The library has four book bags available for sale.

Choose from:

  • A 1980's recreational diver at Beatty Park
  • Girls feeding ducks at Hyde Park in 1954
  • A 1952 couple on a scooter outside Giele family handy foods shop
  • Create your story

'My Life' Book

Book cover image of two pairs of hands resting on each other

Filled with helpful prompts, this book will spark conversation with your loved ones about their memories and experiences that you can write down to cherish and share in the future.

No memories will be lost to the wind!

Purchase for $10

Second-Hand Books

Browse our second-hand books for sale, located by the self-serve checkouts.



Books, DVDs, CDs


Games and Puzzles


Series (3 or more books)


Fill a book bag with as many as you can fit