WiFi is free at City of Vincent Library on an open network. That means no password is required and anyone can join.

From your device(s)

You can join the City of Vincent Library via your own mobile or laptop. 

In order to connect, you'll need to:

  1. Go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings
  2. Select “City of Vincent Public WIFI”
  3. Tap “Get Online”.

Library computers

We have six public access computers available for use.

If you're already a member, you can "log in as a patron" using your library card.

If you're not a member, you can request a free guest pass from our Service Desk.

Please note that our computer terminals can only be accessed until 15 minutes before closing time. View our Online Services Terms and Conditions before accessing our computers.

Daily usage limits

Library Members: 90 minutes per day

Library Guests: 60 minutes per day

You can request extra time at the Service Desk.

More information

Use of the public access computers and free public Wi-Fi is in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. 

Read the Public PC’s and Online Services Terms and Conditions 

For further information, contact the City of Vincent Library on (08) 9273 6090 or email