Banks Reserve ('The Mucks')

Banner Credit: Moorditj Footprints at Walter's Brook on Banks Reserve (Photo City of Vincent 2020) 

Many storytellers shared childhood memories of meeting friends and playing on the river foreshore at Banks Reserve. The area was known to many as ‘The Mucks’ because of the muddy river banks which coated bathers in a layer of muck. 'The Mucks' was beside the East Perth Power Station which operated until the 1980s. The power station’s discharge pipe, which pumped warm water out into the river, was a major attraction for children playing in the area. 


Lindsay Calyun

John Pell 


East Perth Power Station & Island, 1922 (State Library of Western Australia) 

The Bunbury Railway Bridge across the Swan River at East Perth, 1993. (State Library of Western Australia)

The Bunbury Bridge at Banks Reserve, 1993 (State Library of Western Australia)