Protecting the character of our streets

Published on Friday, 14 May 2021 at 12:00:00 AM

The character and charm of The Boulevarde and Matlock Street will be preserved for future generations after character retention guidelines were introduced in the area.

The City of Vincent has been working closely with a group of Mount Hawthorn residents who wanted to protect the character of their suburb.

Neighbours on parts of The Boulevarde and Matlock Street came together to nominate their streets as character retention areas before helping the City tailor guidelines for new builds.

The community members shared their views on what makes their streets so appealing – from the low boundary fences that highlight their gardens to the consistent roofscapes and design features.

This feedback was used by the City to develop character retention guidelines for The Boulevarde between Scarborough Beach Road and Anzac Road, and Matlock Street between Anzac Road and Britannia Road.

The guidelines apply to developments that are visible from the street and address elements such as front setbacks, fences, carports and roof pitches.

“Vincent is a unique area with a rich and vibrant development history that has produced some beautiful leafy streets and original character homes,” said Deputy Mayor Susan Gontaszewski.

“Our Character Retention Area Policy recognises the value of our streets and suburbs that have a strong sense of character.

“It’s designed to protect our historic streetscapes by encouraging people to hold on to character homes and ensuring new builds compliment the homes that are already there.

“The character retention process is a resident-led process that starts with a nomination and evolves with close community consultation.

“Anyone who is passionate about preserving the character of their area can nominate their street as a character retention area with the support of their neighbours.”

The guidelines allow for demolition and contemporary development, but will ensure new builds take the wider context of the streets into account.

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