Vincent Local History Award winners

Published on Thursday, 23 September 2021 at 1:47:47 PM

A wonderful response was generated from the public with a treasure trove of memorable photos and stories shared. Run since 2000, the

Awards have helped build a significant collection of local photos, memoirs and stories about life in Vincent’s suburbs.

Mayor Emma Cole said the awards were a great way to remember the past and add to the Local History Centre’s extensive collection of images and stories about the Vincent area.

“These awards have helped us build an incredibly rich collection of local memories and it’s been fantastic to see the diversity of the entries this year,’’ she said.

“The precious photos and stories of life in Vincent have truly deepened our knowledge and appreciation of our people, neighbourhoods and ways of life.

“It is so important to our local history collection to have stories, photos and history of Aboriginal families and organisations in Vincent, and it has been just fantastic to see these entries grow in recent years.

“Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners.”

Winners in Written Award categories Geoffrey Bolton Award

1st Prize ($500) is awarded to Christine Choo (ANAWIM Refuge for Aboriginal Women)

The judges were unanimous in their praise for Christine’s account of the growth of an organisation supporting Aboriginal women in Vincent about which very little was previously known by the broader public.

2nd Prize ($250) is awarded to David Kennedy (Charles Washing & Racist Furniture)

The judge’s agreed this was a fascinating history of Charles Washing and his family’s journey from China to Victoria to Perth where the family established the Washing Brothers’ Furniture Factory in the early 1900s at a time of government sanctioned racism and prejudice against Chinese people and businesses in Australia.

Equal 2nd Prize ($250) is awarded to Gina Fraser (Finley Family Photographers)

Thoroughly researched and engaging story of a migrant family who ran a local photographic business ‘Hollywood Studios’ in Fitzgerald Street North Perth, Murray Street Perth and Beaufort Street Mount Lawley from the 1940s -1970s.

3rd Prize ($150) is awarded to Michelle Vercoe (Grenville Purdue: the man who always plays fair)

Engaging story about a fascinating Leederville resident and policeman who became well known for his role in solving an infamous West Australian murder case in 1927.

Winners in Photographic Award categories

Category 1: Historic Images (Pre 2000)

1st Prize ($200) is awarded to Ron Gidgup (Gidgup wedding party outside the North Perth Church of Christ in 1952)

Lovely family portrait from the 1950s showing a proud Aboriginal family at a wedding in North Perth.

2nd Prize ($100) is awarded to Terence Mathews (Leederville Hotel in the 1980s)

Pic of the Leederville Hotel in the 1980s, before it was adorned with the iconic glittering star which was such a visible feature in the area for decades.

3rd Prize ($50) is awarded to Russell Andrews (Myrtle Street neighbor Attilio Pertusio)

The photo series documents the life of Italian migrant Attilio Pertusio whose connection to Myrtle Street began in the 1960s.

Attilio passed away in 2018 and his life in photos was shared with neighbour Russell.

Category 2: Contemporary Images (Post 2000)

1st Prize ($200) is awarded to Terence Mathews (Elderly Italians picking olives in a street in North Perth in 2015.)

Photo of three elderly Italian locals picking olives.

2nd Prize ($100) is awarded to Leo Hagan (Barber at work in the Men’s Room Barbershop in Bulwer Street in July 2021)

This photo shows a slice of contemporary life in a local business after a COVID lockdown in Perth in June 2021.

3rd Prize ($50) is awarded to Jay Jay Jegathesan (Richard Pace in the pool at Beatty Park, 2021)

Photo of swimmer Richard Pace at Beatty Park taken during the making of the documentary ‘Pacing the Pool’ which explores how Richard’s daily swimming routine has helped him manage disability and develop a supportive community of fellow swimmers over decades.

Special Mentions In 2021, the Judges decided to award several special mentions to contributors who have shared stories with us over successive years.

These include;

Jan McCallum (My Ambulance Career)

Con Christ for ( Northbridge :Our original home)

Judith Ehling (nee Goodall) for her wonderful photos of growing up in North Perth in the 1950s and 60s.

Harold Coppock for his photos of family and community life in Mount Hawthorn in the 1940s-50s.

Peter Kalaf, for photos of his family life and of their involvement in the broader Greek community in the 1940s-60s.

Sophie Farnan for Lincoln Street Ventilation Tower, Highgate 2021

Prizes for the photographic awards were sponsored by Claude Iaconi of Edison Property.

All photographs are on display on screens at the Mezz, Beatty Park and in the Library and Local History Centre.

They can also be viewed online through the City of Vincent Image Library. Written entries become part of the Local History Collection

and can be read through the online catalogue or in the Local History Centre.

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