Changes to How We Send out Communication

Published on Thursday, 25 January 2024 at 11:28:44 AM

Vincent Library is transitioning to sending out all library notices and communication via email.

This will be effective on Monday, February 26 2024.

This change reflects our commitment to sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, and our endeavours to improve the efficiency of our service.

Communication sent out by email include:

  • Reservation alerts for items put on hold
  • Reminders for when items are due back in the library
  • Announcements of important updates or changes to our service
  • Overdue notices which are generated when items are not returned by their due date.

If you would like to receive your overdue notices by postal mail, please let the library team know by Wednesday, 07 February 2024.

You can let us know by email or by telephone (08) 9273 6090

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