Banner Credit:  The Quartermaine family of Claisebrook Road, East Perth 25 June 1965. TWA-0105701 (©West Australian Newspapers Limited)

Original caption in the West Australian read:  "Many Aboriginal families live in sub standard housing like this - most have nowhere else to go" 

From as early as WWI, East Perth was a semi-industrial area of factories, workshops and cheap rentals and boarding lodges for people on low incomes.  The area also attracted charities, church groups and welfare organisations trying to help people doing it tough. 

To survive and meet basic needs of food and shelter, Aboriginal people relied on family and friends and whatever support they could get from charities and churches.


June Della Bona

Doreen Yarran Kickett Creed

Marie Pryor

Shirley Harris

Lindsay Calyun

John Pell

Ron Gidgup Snr

Gordon Cole


Housing on Claisebrook Road, 28 June 1965.  WAN-0038936 (©West Australian Newspapers Limited)

The Quartermaine family in East Perth, 8 December 1966. WAN-0029373 (©West Australian Newspapers Limited)

Linda Garlett at Melva Quartermaine's house on Claisebrook Road East Perth, 1966 (©West Australian Newspapers Limited)

Mrs Edgar Quartermaine with daughter Elizabeth at home on Claisebrook Road, East Perth 8 December 1966 (©West Australian Newspapers Limited)

Jack Davis and Lane Humes in the front yard of  the Morrison family home in East Perth, 17 December 1966 ©West Australian Newspapers Limited)