Weld Square ('Beaufort Park')

Banner Credit: Coolbaroo Club artwork at Weld Square, 2016. (City of Vincent) 

Weld Square on the corner of Newcastle and Beaufort Streets has long been a popular meeting place for many Aboriginal people including Noongars. 

 The area is well known among Noongar and other Aboriginal people as an important gathering place close to where the dances were held on Beaufort Street by the Coolbaroo Club in the 1950s and the Aboriginal Advancement Council in the 1960s.   

Many Elders fondly recall the park as a place where bands would play in the former pavilion and Aboriginal people would meet and gamble in what was known to many as ‘Beaufort Park’. 


Marie Pryor 

Shirley Harris 


'Our Patch' written and directed by Mandy Corunna (City of Vincent, 2014)